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Welcome to Discover Your Irish Roots:

Did you know ? 

In 1890 out of a population of 188,000 living in Hudson County New Jersey, 29,485 were born in Ireland.  The figures for other areas are as follows:  Brooklyn New York 83,878.  Manhatten 198,595, PA  102,808.  Cook County, Illinois 72,448. St. Louis, Missouri 24,270.  Wayne County, Michigan 8,455.  San Francisco, California 30,718. Hamilton County, Ohio 14,265. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 34,953 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania 110,935. Providence County, Rhode Island 32,271.

 What do you share with Barack Obama, Tom Cruise, Ronald Regan?  The answer is, your Irish ancestry !   To begin the search for your forbearers please fill out the free online assessment form. Do it now, you never know where it could lead !

We also provide genealogy and family history research, custom made family tree charts, legal heir tracing, media research, and assistance with Irish citizenship applications.

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